Emerald Forest Industries makes building an application for your business a painless process that is affordable and efficient.

Need a new cutting edge website, or mobile application built? We can help. From technolgy consulting and end to end business modelling, project management, data architecture and design to software development, testing and deployment, build automation

We follow agile and lean processes that can build minimal viable product delivered in days or weeks, rather than months or years. We follow a pattern of small development cycles, that allow for constant feedback and improvement and prevent building the wrong software or focusing on features that may not be the most important to give you the maximum return on your investment.


  • Technology Consulting
  • Development Planning
  • Project Management
  • Visual Design Integration
  • Database Architecture
  • Software Development
  • Testing
  • Application Maintainence

Modern Design

  • Mobile and Responsive
  • Bootstrap
  • Foundation
  • Less
  • Google Material Design

Applications Types

  • Website based applications
  • Mobile Hybrid Apps
  • Phonegap AppStore Apps
  • Google Apps

Business Modules

  • CRM and Leads Management
  • Shopping Carts and Inventory Management
  • Geolocation Mapping Apps
  • Customer Loyalty Apps
  • Application Gamification
  • Data Generated SEO Structure
  • Data Generated Meta Data, Micro Data, OG Tags

Process and Development Best Practices

  • Agile Development Philosophy
  • Design Patterns - Modular Code, Separation of Responsibilities, Functional Composition
  • Build Process Automation - Node, Grunt, Gulp
  • Testing - MS/TFS, Mocha, Chai, Sinon

Hosting Options

  • Azure Virtual Cloud Server - Scalable on Demand
  • IIS 8 - High Performance, SignalR Web Sockets Capable Server
  • CMS / Hosting - WordPress, Drupal, Joomla
  • Linux Hosting - Apache Php High Availability Server

Recent Work


Business Mapping, Reviews, Social Interactions, Advertising Platform, Media Channels, Text Messaging Platform, Customer Loyalty, Check in location game

Alpine Cloud Messaging

Text messaging platform for businesses, makes bulding customer loyalty, marketing, service and support through text messaging easy and cost effective

Check In Mission Game

Geo Location Gamification Mobile / Tablet Touch app for finding check in missions, and following them to the prize to earn points or badges

Sales Tool

Leads lists, assign leads, track location, update information, daily dashboard, assign points sales person for being on time, for filing after action report, hitting quota